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24X7 Non-Stop IT Helpdesk Services

Call 1-877-237-0001 to speak to Helpdesk Specialist now.

24x7 IT HELPDESK SERVICES for Small and Medium Business (SMB)

It’s very important for any businessto keep its Technology infrastructure up & Running seamlessly without any hitch. This could shoot up your cost and could drain your revenue. Support1000 will design and tailor technology support based on your requirements. We plan, design, and maintain technology support where the cost is drastically reduced, yet providing excellent and efficient support. Our helpdesk services will support customers through phone,remote desktop technology, Chat, and E-mail.

Basically, Support1000 offers two IT business setups [Shared Helpdesk Model and Dedicated Helpdesk Model], starting from a single PC to hundreds of PCs. Our customers have the option to choose between the right model based on their business size or volume.

Shared Helpdesk Model:

This model is suitable for a business house with less than 50 PCs. In this model, a pool of support1000 team members will support multiple small business users to fix their computer problems 24x7 on as-on-need only basis.

Dedicated Helpdesk Model:

It is self explanatory; this model suits a business house which requires an exclusive team for 24X7 dedicated helpdesk services. The team dedicated for this business will be solely focusing and catering to the needs of the client. Customers signing up for dedicated helpdesk services will get a dedicated toll free number where the technical experts will represent the client.

Shared vs. Dedicated Helpdesk:

Supported Features Shared Dedicated
Certified Technical Expert TIC TIC
Free Technical Consulting TIC TIC
Remote Desktop Support TIC TIC
Routine PC Health Checkup TIC TIC
Routine PC Fine Tuning TIC TIC
Updating Antivirus Software TIC TIC
Dedicated Toll Free Number Cross TIC
E-mail Support TIC TIC
Chat Support TIC TIC
Shared Toll Free Number TIC Cross
Shared Technical Expert TIC Cross
Helpdesk Ticketing Tool TIC TIC
Intelocking with you Hardware vendor to fix you hardware issues Cross TIC
10 Days Free Trail TIC TIC
Contact Sales@Support1000.Com for more information on Services and Pricing

Advantages :

  • Cost-Effective IT helpdesk.
  • Round-the-Clock Availability.
  • Online Ticket Status Tracking.
  • Hassle-free Quick Setup.
  • Instant Tech Support.
  • Full fledged Reporting for Tracking and Reporting.
  • No Contract.
  • Secured Remote Support.

Scope of Support

Support1000 will take responsibility for support that can be done through Phone, Email and Chat using remote desktop technology. List of some of our support capabilities for your understanding.

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Installing and upgrading Windows Operating Systems.

Fixing Windows OS errors and issues.

Helping users to install external hardware.

Setup Internet.

Fix Internet and browser issues.

Setting up wireless routers and access points.

Configuring wireless security.

Setting up the Local Area Network.

Setting up port forwarding and DMZ.

Supporting VPN Network.

Modem Help and Support.

Killing Spywares, Malware and Adwares in your PC.

System Tune up.

Routine Health Checkup.

Email setup and support (Outlook, Lotus Notes and Eudora).

MS Office Support (Word, Access and Excel).

Third party software support.

We provide complete technical solutions for all your computers. CONTACT US TO GET STARTED FOR COST EFFECTIVE, SEAMLESS, AND HASSLE-FREE SUPPORT.

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