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  Microsoft Operating System
Windows 98, xp, Vista ..
  Internet Connection
Yahoo DSL, At&t, Comcast ..
  Email Setup
Google, Outlook, Eudora ..
  Virus Removal
Norton, Avg, Mcafee ..
  Home Networking
Linksys, Switch, Belkin ..
  Computer Peripheral
Printer, Scanner, Camera, Usb ..
  PC Software
MS Office, Nero ..
  Free PC Health CheckUp
Pc tune up ..

Please take couple of minutes to go through this page to see how we can help you now and forever.

Microsoft Operating System Help Desk

There could be several reasons for your PC to not function properly. One of the major reasons for that could be your Operating System. Your computer may be loaded with one of the following Operating Systems,

Microsoft windows98 divider Microsoft windowsXP divider Microsoft windows Vista
Microsoft windows98 Help Microsoft windowsXP Help Microsoft windows Vista Help

Our Windows troubleshooting expert can fix instantly & remotely any of your PC problems; listing some of those for your understanding.

  • Free Consultation to take a decision on buying a new PC.
  • System Tuning & Speed up.
  • Installing and Reinstalling of Windows Operating System.
  • Complete setup of New PC with all the required Software.
  • Resolve Booting and Shutdown issues.
  • Fixing Device Driver Issues.
  • System freezing and Restart Issues will be resolved.
  • We can help you in Backing up your Data (Automatic and Manual).
  • Blue Screen Errors can be fixed.
  • Any Irritating errors can be killed forever.
  • Help you identify the exact Hardware issues and help you with data to take it up with our hardware vendor.
  • Routine PC Health Check Up Services.

Our IT helpdesk services also include providing Windows XP Help, Vista troubleshooting, and other PC repair services.

We just donít stop at fixing the issues; we will educate the customer about reason and prevention of the same issues.

Lot of questions? Please visit our FAQ section to get clarity or connect with our expert Chat instantly.

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Internet Connection Help and Support

Most of our living is very much dependent on Internet and Emails. Support1000.Com provides complete support to keep you online 24x7, absolutely safe and secure.

You may be using DSL or Cable or Broadband or Dialup or Lease Line through one of the following ISPs or anything else.

SBC Yahoo Dsl divider AT&T divider Quest divider Comcast
Charter divider Optimum divider Covad divider Verizon

Some of our internet connection support that we provide includes:

  • Setup PC connection with ISP using your Router or Modem
  • Troubleshoot ISP connection Issues
  • Speed up your internet connection
  • Fix browsers issues like IE, Firefox or Opera
  • Resolve Internet frequent disconnection issues
  • DNS Issues
  • Support in fixing Issues with Instant Messengers like Yahoo, MSN or GTALK
  • Fix your Voice Chat problem
  • Fix your Camera Chat Issues
  • Local FTP Server Setup

In fact, our experts can fix any issues, which are caused by your PC software.

Lot of questions? Please visit our FAQ section to get clarity or connect with our expert Chat instantly.

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Email SetUp and Email

Are you looking for an expert to setup your favorite mail client with your PoP3 account or fix your Email Problems? Well, we can fix it for you instantly.

Google Apps divider Outlook Express divider Lotus Notes divider Eudora

Some of Support and Fixes we can provide:

  • Setup your Email Client to work with your POP3 Account.
  • Setup multiple accounts with the same Clients.
  • Help you to setup the Graphical Email Signature (HTML).
  • Fix Mail client hanging Issues.
  • Help you Archive the old mail.
  • Backup and Restore your Mails.
  • Configure Yourname@yourdomain.Com using Google Apps.
  • Migrate your mails to different email clients.

Contact us for any of your home E-mail help and Support.

Lot of questions? Please visit our FAQ section to get clarity or connect with our expert Chat instantly through Phone or Chat.

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Virus Removal Support

A Virus as you know could attack your computer, slow it down, invade your privacy, and steal your personal and sensitive information. Sometimes, you may not even know that you have been infected by viruses, worms or spywares. We will help you by protecting from harmful viruses, worms, and spywares.

Norton Symantec divider AVG divider Mcafee divider Eset

Some of our services for safeguarding you from virus, worms, and spywares are the following,

  • Installing and updating anti-virus software.
  • Scan for malicious virus, spyware, adware, malware, and worms and eliminating them.
  • Give you tips for safe surfing.
  • Safeguarding you against hijackers of sensitive and personal information.
  • Set up firewall in your system.

Contact us for immediate virus removal, anti-virus software installation, etc. Our job is to protect you.

Lot of questions? Please visit our FAQ section to get clarity or connect with our expert Chat instantly.

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Home Networking Support

  • Setup & Fix secured Home Network.
  • Wireless Router Setup with Security Enabled.

Setting up your home network may be laborious, time consuming, and pose you many hurdles. Difficulties could arise from routers, modems, hubs, switches, etc. How does it affect you? Disruptive connectivity, slow data transfer, data loss, etc.

Home networking is a part of our computer repair services.

Lynksys divider Router divider Switch divider Belkin

We make sure your network is unhindered with fast data transfer, with stable and smoothing functioning of hardwares, etc. Some of our home networking support services include the following,

  • Connecting two or more computers.
  • Setting up router.
  • Wired and Wireless Home Networks.
  • Setting up Wireless routers.
  • Setting up Ethernets.
  • Back up systems.
  • Remote access.
  • Universal plug and play.
  • Wireless technical support.

Contact us for instant troubleshooting or setting up or for any issues related to networking.

Lot of questions? Please visit our FAQ section to get clarity or connect with our expert Chat instantly.

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Computer Pheripheral Support

  • Printer, Scanner, USB & Camera Help and Support
  • Setup, Install and Fix all PC devices

Use of peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, USB, camera, etc., could be of paramount importance to some of us if it involves official or some important work.

Printers divider Scanner divider Sony or Kotak Camera divider USB

Many of our customers come to us not only for their PC related problems, but to get support for a multitude of peripheral devices as well. Some of the services we offer for peripheral support are the following,

  • Setting up of different peripheral device. Example: Printer setup, scanner setup, etc.
  • Installing drivers and other utilities for peripheral devices.
  • Fixing and troubleshooting.
  • Performing diagnostics.

Lot of questions? Please visit our FAQ section to get clarity or connect with our expert Chat instantly.

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PC Software Support

  • MS Office and Other PC Software Help & Support
  • Close to 50 applications can be supported

Softwares are the backbone on which we conduct our work or business. There are different softwares for different purposes. There is an unending list of softwares for which support is very little or none. We provide support for a variety of different and less known softwares.

Microsoft Office divider Nero

We provide support for close to 50 software applications that are widely used, and also to some softwares which are less known. Our Microsoft certified engineers provide excellent Microsoft technical Support for various Microsoft products.

  • Identifying suitable software to fit your need.
  • Repair and fix your existing software.
  • Aid in flawless functioning of the software.
  • Upgrading your software to the latest version.
  • Diagnosing and troubleshooting.
  • Providing you a list of popular softwares to choose from.

Lot of questions? Please visit our FAQ section to get clarity or connect with our expert Chat instantly.

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