Terms of Service for Support1000.Com

Acceptance of Terms of Use
By requesting Services with Support1000.com, you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions covering the Support1000.com service. Support1000.com may, at its own discretion and without prior notice, make changes to the Terms and Conditions. Support1000.com will inform you of any changes and if you decide to continue using the Support1000.com service, you have indicated your acceptance of the new set of Terms and Conditions of Usage.
Description of the Support1000.com Service
Support1000.com provides remote support for specific computers, peripherals, software, and any other computer-related. Support1000.com charges customers on every issue fix or recurring monthly fee which is payable monthly or annually, at the customer’s discretion.
Support1000.com customers obtain technical support from Support1000.com Support Engineers (SEs) by contacting them through email, chat windows, or via the phone. Support1000.com only offers remote technical support. Onsite service is not included in the Support1000.com offering.
Support1000.com offers its customers the option of Remote Computer Control, where a SE can, with the customer’s permission, take over the customer’s computer from the SE’s remote location. By accepting these Terms and Conditions of Usage, customer acknowledges that they are aware that they will, on occasion, be offered the Remote Computer Control option. Support1000.com SEs are not allowed to use Remote Computer Control without the explicit consent of the customer.
Support1000.com will use reasonable effort to provide the customer with technical support, for as long as the customer’s account is current and not in arrears. Support1000.com reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
Bundled Products/Services from Third Parties
Support1000.com provides products and services from third parties as part of its Support1000.com service. These third party products and services are covered by their respective publishers/owners. Support1000.com does not guarantee the usability or merchantability of such services. Customer acknowledges that Support1000.com is providing them as a potential benefit to the customer.
No Assurance of Problem Resolution
Support1000.com will use reasonable effort to resolve the customer’s problem. However, the complexity of technology will inevitably result in Support1000.com being unable to resolve certain customer problems. Customer acknowledges that they are aware of this limitation and by subscribing to the Support1000.com service have indicated acceptance of the No Assurance of Problem Resolution section of the Support1000.com Terms and Conditions of Usage.
Notwithstanding such limitation, Support1000.com does not guarantee problem resolution to any customer problem. Support1000.com will only exercise reasonable effort to resolve said customer’s technical problem.
Products Supported
Support1000.com provides technical support for popular computers, peripherals, and software. Specific products supported are described on the Support1000.com website, www.Support1000.com., and are subject to change. Customer acknowledges that due to the rapidly changing nature of technology, Support1000.com cannot be held responsible for supporting every computer-related product in the market. Support1000.com will clearly indicate which products or product lines are supported on its web site. Support1000.com can, at its own sole discretion, decide to provide technical support for a product not listed on the web site. In this case, Support1000.com warrants support only for the specific problem instance and does not warrant that it will continue to support such unlisted product beyond the single specific instance described above.
Support1000.com does not warrant that the service is free of errors or mistakes. Support1000.com does not warrant or represent that defects or limitations in the service will be corrected. Nor does Support1000.com warrant or represent that the service shall be available continuously. Certain extenuating circumstances may cause the service to be interrupted. Support1000.com provides no remedies for such service interruptions. In addition, Support1000.com provides no remedies for any loss of data resulting from use of the service. By subscribing to the service, customer acknowledges that they accept these disclaimers.
Limitation of Liability
No director, officer, or employee of Support1000.com shall be held liable for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages resulting from use of the service. Customer agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and release Support1000.com from any damages, attorney’s fees, and costs resulting from use of the service
Ownership rights
Support1000.com owns all rights to the Service and associated material, including the Support1000.com web site. Any unauthorized use of Support1000.com property is a violation of Support1000.com intellectual property rights.
Privacy Policy
Support1000.com has a strict privacy policy with respect to our customer’s personal data. Any customer data is kept in strict confidence by Support1000.com, and is not disclosed to any third party without the consent of the customer. 
Termination or Suspension of Service
A customer’s breach of the Terms and Conditions of Usage shall result in the termination or suspension of their subscription and associated service. Support1000.com shall exercise its right to terminate or suspend service solely at its own discretion, without consulting the customer. Support1000.com shall incur no liability resulting from terminating or suspending service upon breach by a customer.
Support1000.com Refunds Policy

Support1000.com offers a refund of maximum of 100 % of the charges on customer’s request only if the earlier reported problem reoccurs within 5 days from the time of resolution.

To request for Refund, customerservice@Support1000.com customer service representatives will attend the request and necessary processing will be done.

Refund Policy is subject to change and the latest policy in vogue will be applicable.